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Массовые катания Mass skating

Weekend and holidays - 4 sessions:
Entrance Е1:
12.00 — 14.00,
18.00 — 20.00,
Entrance Е2:
15.00 — 17.00,
21.00 — 23.00
Entrance Е1
19.00 — 20.30
Entrance Е2
21.30 — 23.00

Training fees

Training Camps

High-achievement sport is first of all a professional attitude towards a set task. "Alau" offers you the chance to train in one of the best ice arenas of Asia. We have acquired an extensive experience in creating the necessary conditions (residence, sustenance, sport facilities) for conducting competitions and training musters in different types of winter sports.

Ice Palace "Alau" is a unique facility for hosting learning based training first of all for speed skating disciplines. A properly functioning infrastructure of the facility allows athletes to fully concentrate on achieving the highest results. You can leave the rest to us.

Today "Alau" has the experience of managing competitions for hockey teams, the Kazakhstan National Team in short track and speed skating. International athletes seek to access our world class ice arena on the eve of major international events.

Ice Palace "Alau" has the ability to host training camps for athletes of the highest mettle, all year round. To accomplish this task, the most favorable conditions have been created for maximum comfort and peace of mind.

We offer:

1. An ice arena, designed by leading world class specialists, fitted with the best equipment:

  • 400 meter track for speed skaters
  • Ice Hockey court (61x30 m)
  • A court for figure skating and short track with padded side boards.
  • Non-freezing zone for warm up and athletic sprints inside the arena.
  • Rental skates of all types, additional equipment.
  • Individual and team changing rooms with lockers and shower rooms.
  • Choreographic hall for figure skating groups.

2. A 4 star hotel for 85 people. Each room contains:

  • LCD screen television with satellite access.
  • Telephone
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner
  • Wi-Fi access.

3.  Quality board for guests.
We provide a comprehensive nutrition, with the possibility of matching menus and meal times, depending on the schedule and intensity of the workout. 

4. Fitness center services

  • A universal sports hall for training in games such mini football, handball, volleyball and basketball.
  • Cardio and strength rooms equipped with the latest high tech simulators.
  • Sauna, a room for fitness and yoga and also a SPA center.
  • Besides the standard fitness equipment, we have simulators for speed skaters and bicycle exercise equipment.
  • During the summer time we offer sport bikes. A wide-lane highway with a quality coating passes right next to Ice Palace "Alau" and provides a sufficient space for safe bike rides.

We welcome you to host sports training in Ice Palace "Alau", as well as visiting one of the most unique cities of the Asian continent. The Capital of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan.

The Ice Palace enters the city’s infrastructure organically. With the construction of "Alau", we understand everything positive that Nur-Sultan has to offer. Taking into account of what Nur-Sultan is capable of, the Ice Palace is able to offer athletes a modern airport, sophisticated transport hubs, places of arts and culture and a modern, green city. Competing for the title of the best ice rink in the world, we widen the boundaries of our Palace to the limits of the whole city.

Nur-Sultan is one of the sports centers of Asia. This is the main potential of our Palace.

Closer than it seems

The “Alau” Ice Palace is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan city, Kabanbay batyr, 47.


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