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Beach volleyball

California is considered to be a Homeland of Beach Volleyball. In the early 1920s on the beaches of California were created first special zones for this game and first teams were assembled. Since 1996 Beach Volleyball has been included in the official competition program of the Olympic Games. In summer 2013 Beach Volleyball playground was opened in “Alau”.

In close proximity to the pool there is a playground, which has been built in accordance with international standards. The playground was designed for trainings, competitions and friendly games, so that visitors could spend their time in a useful manner.

Beach Volleyball is a game for two teams. Each team consists of two people. They play on a sand ground with a net. Players can touch the ball with any part of their bodies. The point of this game is to make the ball touch the ground on the opposite half of a ground.

Dynamics, grace and emotions make Beach Volleyball so attractive to people. Also, this game gains its popularity because of simple facts: rules are easy to follow and players do not need expensive equipment to play Beach Volleyball.

Closer than it seems

The “Alau” Ice Palace is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan city, Kabanbay batyr, 47.


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