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Массовые катания Mass skating

Weekend and holidays - 4 sessions:
Entrance Е1:
12.00 — 14.00,
18.00 — 20.00,
Entrance Е2:
15.00 — 17.00,
21.00 — 23.00
Entrance Е1
19.00 — 20.30
Entrance Е2
21.30 — 23.00

Speed skating

Speed Skating is a winter sport where it is necessary to cover a certain distance on ice.  The current international standard for a speed skating ice rink is 400 meters. The athletes use a special type of racing skates.

Speed skating is one the oldest types sports. The oldest skates discovered by archeologist belonged to Cimmerians, a nomadic tribe that lived near the northern Black Sea coast, 3200 years ago. The first officially recorded competition took place in Great Britain in January 1763. As a sport, speed skating received a big development during the second half of XIX century.
The International Skating Union (ISU) was founded in 1892 and unites more than 50 national federations.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted the first World Championship in Speed Skating in 1889. The International Skating Union declared these competitions professional and held the first official World Championship for men in Amsterdam (1893). World Championships for women are held from 1936. World Championships for combined events in sprints – 500 and 1000 meters are being held since 1972.

Speed Skating for men was included in the program of Winter Olympic Games since 1924 and since 1960 for women.

The development history of Speed Skating in Kazakhstan takes its roots in 1931, when a multifunctional stadium called “Dynamo” was built in Petropavlovsk, a regional center that at that time united the cities of Karaganda, Akmolinks and Kokchetav.

An increase of interest in Speed Skating led to the construction of “Medeo”, an alpine sports complex in Almaty, situated at 1691 meters above sea level.

“Medeo” remains the highest active sports complex in the world for winter sports. Owing to its high location and the cleanest mountain water used for ice surfacing, over 200 world records were set for all distances in men’s and women’s categories. Almaty’s ice rink rightly held the title of “Records Factory” for many years.

Today this status is being contended by the Ice Palace “Alau”, situated in Astana. The new speed skating stadium corresponds with all international standards and regulations and is ideally suited for hosting training camps and official competitions. During the first international competition – the 7th Winter Asian Games, 9 continental records were set. 

Since 2011 Ice Palace “Alau” is hosting internal competitions of Cups and Championships of Kazakhstan in Speed Skating. Today the National team for Speed Skating as well as veterans and juniors train in the Ice Palace.

Training of young athletes is being conducted by the Second Youth Sports School, Department of Tourism, Physical Culture and Sports of Astana.

The school was formed in 1963 and is currently being directed by Radik Bikchintaev, an International Master of Sports in Speed Skating.

For any questions about enlisting your child into a Speed Skating group, please use the contact details below: 
010000, Kazakhstan,
Astana City, 47, Kabanbay Batyr Avenue
Тел.:  8 (7172) 571612, 571613, 445742
E-mail: sport-zima@rambler.ru

Closer than it seems

The “Alau” Ice Palace is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Nur-Sultan city, Kabanbay batyr, 47.


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