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On August 5, in the Ice Palace "Alau" held the sport Competition for the Cup of the Chairman of the Astana city branch of the "Nur Otan" party among the primary party organizations. The sports tournament included such sports as volleyball, mini-football, table tennis and chess. 42 persons took part in volleyball, 42 persons played mini-football, 6 persons played chess, and 12 persons took part in table tennis. The total number of players was 102 participants.

The goals of the last sporting event are popularization and development of mass sports, involving party members in systematic physical education and sports, identifying the best sports teams among primary party organizations, enhancing corporate spirit and cohesion, and strengthening the relationship between primary party organizations.

Results of the Games 

Results of competitions in volleyball
1st place – PPO «Zhas Orken»;
2nd place – PPO «Schoolchildren`s palace»
3rd place – PPO «DAP» OPRK .

Results of competitions in chess:
1st place – Culture PPO;
2nd place – Young people PPO;
3rd place – “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”

Results of tennis tournament among men:
1st place – PPO «Kalkan»;
2nd place – Nazarbayev University;
3rd place – «Tsesnabank».

Results of tennis tournament among women:
1st place – Nazarbayev University;
2nd place – «PLL Integra Construction »;
3rd place – P3rd place PO « Kalkan ».

Results of football match:
1st place – Karzhyger PPO;
2nd place –« PLL Integra Construction»;
3rd place  – National Center of Neurosurgery

The organizers of the event were: "Management of physical culture and sports of Astana", Branch of "Nur Otan" in Astana and KSE "Directorate of sports-mass actions of the capital city administration".

Text is interpreted by Zhuldyz SOLTANSHARIP



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