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Our Ice Palace will host the world Speedway championship on February 3-4, 2018. In this regard, mass skating will not be held starting from January 15.

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Sadykov Ildar Toibergenovich

09 August, 2017 Figure skating: russian trainer in Astana

The Capital of Kazakhstan is rich with its sport equipments but special place takes unique “Alau” Ice palace.  In interview on www.alau.info invited quest from Russia shared with her impressions about our figure skaters

Hello, Olga Dmitrievna! Tell me, please, is this your first visit to Astana or have you ever been here before?

- In Astana for the fourth time, and in principle with Sasha (Ed .: Alexander Brezhnev - figure skating coach of the Youth Sports School № 2, a judge of the national category), we have been cooperating for the fifth season. In Astana we really like it every time I come with my daughter, who says: "I do not want to leave here." We visit all interesting places and practically live in the center, on the Water-green Boulevard. Therefore, everything is before our eyes. Remarkably, a very beautiful city grows in front eyes.

- It turns out that before that you already came to Astana 4 times for master classes in figure skating, and each time you were invited by Alexander?

- Yes.

- And in the "Alau" is also the fifth time?

- No, here we are for the first time: apparently, other years in "Alau" melt the ice for the summer, so we had to train in other places.

- How do you like the Ice Palace?

- Alau is chic. Wonderful Ice palace with its best base. And there more comfortable.

- Very well) Thanks. Tell me, please, what is the circumstances of receiving to section of figure skating? Do you pay attention to height or length of hands and so on?

- Yes, there are a number of tests that children under go on admission and naturally in Russia have a strict selection, we immediately offer either a paid group that simply for health. In the second section you can also ride, develop, enjoy the figure skating and then go to some children`s theaters on ice. This direction is actively developing in our country, because there are many who want to go in for figure skating, but not everyone is allowed to figure out skating in their physiology. Here, of course, children, who are more nimble, coordinated pass. Our sports in general require coordination, not all can perform complex elements. The selection is the strongest.

- Which character required the sportsman to have?

- They can be so different... The child in should be bright himself and interesting

- Do external data matter?

- Yes, of course. Appearance and internal world is too important to find the best of him.

- What is significant of being trainer for you?

- Oh… Trainer… How to say… It seems like all my life. I love my job, I feel and I see that I can teach pupil to skate and I like when kids get what I want.

- What kind of coach are you?

- I am versatile coach, kids love me. 

- You train as young and adult athletes already?-

- Yes. Children with whom I work, almost with ... well, there is not important a young figure skater or not, but we can let him from single, double jumps and to masters of sports.

- You have been studying with the children of the Youth Sports School No. 2 in winter sports for several days. What can you say about them? Maybe you`ll select someone.

- I don’t want to distinguish anyone away, because I love everyone. Someone more diligent, someone more lazy. But any of them still want to learn something and achieve something. Everyone will succeed in the best of his abilities. But perseverance, diligence, and hard work - this is the most important thing in any sport, in every endeavor, everywhere in life.

- What can you wish "Alau" and our athletes?

- Oh, athletes - good luck, fewer injuries, and get positive from work. Then there will always be a result. As soon as some kind of "oh, I cannot, oh, legs, get sick, oh, probably, I`d rather rest, oh, something I`ll somehow sit at home" and so on... Everything, there will be no result. Patience to parents, patience to coaches. Because it`s not easy to go this route, get to any level even. And who will be stronger psychologically, who will go to his goal, he will achieve much.

- Thank you very much for the interview!

- Not at all. You’re welcome!


Text is interpreted by Zhuldyz SOLTANSHARIP

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The “Alau” Ice Palace is located in the center of the Eurasian continent, in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Astana city, Kabanbay batyr, 47.